Dish Network Blocks WVNC – NBC Watertown’s Signal


Many WVNC – NBC Watertown viewers were surprised to turn on the television and see blank screens where their favorite shows normally air.

Dish Network has blocked NBC Watertown’s signal after an agreement could not be made with the language of the current contract between them. The blackout began May 21 at 7 p.m. and also affects NBC Watertown’s sister network, WTLZ- TV SagamoreHill Broadcasting.

The 3-year retransmission consent agreement was approaching, so in an effort to avoid a blackout period while negotiations were made, SagamoreHill CEO Louis Wall offered to temporarily extend the previous contract, to which Dish Network declined.

Both stations would like to express to viewers that finances and fees are not the cause of  disturbance with Dish Network, rather, it is the wording of the contract. NBC Watertown is doing everything possible to reach a fair agreement with Dish Network to prevent further disruption of service.

General Manager of WVNC – NBC Watertown Mark Gaines apologizes for any inconvenience the service blackout may cause viewers.

“I would encourage viewers to call Dish Network at 1-800-333-3474 to discuss their decision to block WVNC – NBC Watertown’s TV signal. We are also available over the air on Channel 45.1,” he said.

Both WVNC – NBC Watertown and WTLZ- TV SagamoreHill Broadcasting are looking to settle an agreement with Dish Network as quickly and fairly as possible.