Twice a year, NBC Watertown challenges local classrooms in the tri-county area (Lewis, Jefferson, St. Lawrence) to compete in the Classroom Kindness Challenge.  Each session the classrooms must complete each challenge on the challenge board.  As each challenge is completed, they will either cross it off, initial it or whatever way they see fit.  After the class has completed the Classroom Kindness Challenge Board, they will submit a picture of their class along with the completed board to  Each class that submits their completed board, will then be entered to win a “Do-Nut Be A Bully” Donut party. ( One drawing per week for 5 weeks)  Also, 5 of the classrooms will be drawn for the grand prize which in this Fall 2019 session, the winners receive: A  “Do-Nut Be A Bully” Donut Party from Dunkin Donuts, juice, and a Classroom Kindness t-shirt from Victory Promotions for each student and teacher. In addition, each of the 5 Grand Prize Winners will receive $250 to go towards classroom necessities from Northern New York Community Foundation.  Other sponsors who have had a great impact on making this successful are NBC Watertown and Rishe’s Flooring Center.  We have realized that most schools now implement kindness and we want to share our gratitude by awarding kindness in our different fashion.


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Below are examples of our previous Teacher Outline and Challenge Boards. These will change each new session.

Thank you to all of our Sponsors!